This zine was realized in a few days and a big rush (l'urgence) during a 2-weeks residency of ZINES OF THE ZONE in Athens, March 2023. It was made with friends (les potes) using a selection of pictures taken with both smartphones and analog cameras, collected materials from the streets, found images, documents and objects, sketches and drawings.

This zine was printed on a xerox printer at MISC Athens for the main leaflet, and silksreen-printed at MEPHISTO ME STUDIO for the cover. A big thanks to all the people who helped us and took part to this crazy adventure ! DIY for the win ! This zine was made in support to our greek operation :

A series of events was organized under the name of XEROX EQUINOX happening at BIG TABLE with an exhibition display of 130 zines from our archive, live performances by Adamis, Grim Machine, PS Stamps Back, 10000V.mkII and F.ousies. A talk was also organized with Tefra90, Zoetrope, More Mars Label and the Athens Zine Bibliotheque. Big up !

48 pages + cover
2 coloured paper covers (black / green)
xerox black&white
20 x 25 cm